2014-2017 (Madagascar) AGEAA


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General objective

  • contribute to improvement of the socio-economic situation of the rural population;
  • contribute to an effective management of the water supplies

Specific objective
Access to water and sanitary facilities improve and the population implements an appropriate behavioural change with regard to their habits on hygiene and use of sanitary facilities, in the 3 rural municipalities Ambatomiady, Ambohimandroso and Ampitatafika.

Target Groups
  • drinking water: 30.000 inhabitants getting access
  • sanitary facilities: 3.000 students (sanitary facilities at school) and 3.000 people using a new, improved latrine.
  • hygiene: 15.000 people getting better knowledge of risk behaviour towards health and changing at least 2 bad habits concerning hygiene (3 messages WASH).
Funding / budget / duration


  • EU
  • DGD (Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid)
  • Province Limburg


  • 2014-2017

Budget 2014-2017

  • 2013 : 95.592 €
  • 2014 : 194.081 €
  • 2015 : 201.670 €
  • 2016 : 201.670 €
  • 2017 : 255.424 €
Activities & results


  • Draft a detailed inventory of the situation on drinking water and sanitation in the 3 municipalities; and a local development plan on water and sanitation;
  • Establish technical and social dossiers (APS/APD); install new drinking water infrastructure;
  • Organise and animate participatory training sessions (IEC and HAMS), to result in a change of behaviour (WASH);
  • Design or repair the sanitary facilities at schools;
  • Guide the stakeholders of the sector in determining their role and mutual relations in planning, implementation and management at sectoral level.
  • Guide the management at municipal level: training, drafting contracts, regulations, professionalization;
  • Organise exchange between the managers (at a regional scale).

Expected results

  • R1: new infrastructure for drinking water is installed and functional;
  • R2: integrated devices with regard to support of behavioural change are set up
  • R3: the supplies for drinking water and basic sanitary facilities are managed sustainably in the district Antanifotsy
  • District: Antanifotsy
  • Rural municipalities: Ampitatafika, Ambatomiady, Ambohimandroso
  • Association MIARINTSOA

Would you like to support this program? Please contact Johan Slimbrouck, thematic and geographic adviser for Madagascar: johan [dot] slimbrouck [at] protos [dot] ngo