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Are our key-values “equitable”, “sustainable” and “participatory” compatible with the ethics of your organisation or company?

Manufacturer of latrine slabs in Madagascar © Dieter Telemans

Does “Corporate Social Responsibility” govern the overall dynamics of your company or organisation? Are co-creation, patronage and cooperation for sustainable development part of this philosophy? Does our Partnership policy document for companies and organisations meet with your approval? If yes, then we would be honoured to present our programmes to your board of directors, staff members and/or shareholders. Please do not hesitate and contact our External Relations & Communications staff member (marc.despiegelaere[AT] - 09 235 25 17).

A partnership for 3 to 5 years

Together with your company or organisation, we aim at establishing a long-term partnership beneficial to all parties involved. Ideally, we like to opt for financial partnerships committed to a specific project for a 3 to 5 year period (the average duration of our programmes). Protos commits to reporting regularly on the implementation of the project, so you in turn can provide feedback to your employees, shareholders, business partners, etc… . If you wish, sharing our logos on our respective websites, accompanied by a short motivational note, is also possible.

For more information, please do not hesitate to read our model partnership agreement.

Programmes in need of co-financing

Listed below are a number of specific programmes in need of co-financing. For more information, please click on the link, or contact our staff member at our External Relations & Communications desk (marc.despiegelaere[AT] – 09 235 25 17). At your request, we will gladly meet with you, your sponsors and patrons to present our projects and discuss the possible terms of an agreement.

Knowledge and expertise

Donating by sharing or transferring specific knowledge and expertise can add a valuable extra dimension to our partnership and create a dynamic interaction with our partners in the South. However, please do keep in mind that Protos is primarily active in areas without electrical current and that we rely on sturdy technical installations capable of being powered by eitherhuman energy or the principles of gravity. The sustainability of the projects depends on this.

Nevertheless, transferring knowledge and expertise can be very beneficial. Integrated water resources management; monitoring of ground water levels; availability and use of GIS-maps; up-to-date techniques for irrigation, sanitation and leak detection in water mains; management skills for operating drinking water and irrigation systems; etc… all these are just a few of the areas where our partners in the South are in need of knowledge to ensure an equitable, sustainable and participatory water management.

Whenever beneficial to our partners in the South, it will therefore be a pleasure to add the section “transfer of knowledge” to our partnership agreement.


Should you have a preference for sponsoring rather than a long-term partnership, then you can contribute in several other ways to the activities of Protos. 

  • We regularly publish brochures in several languages on issues related to our core activities. Target groups are governments, NGOs, civil society organisations and stakeholders in the water sector in North and South. We look for sponsors to cover the translation and printing costs.
  • To build awareness and public support we regularly organisespecific events such as World Water Day (22 March) and Global Handwashing Day (15 October). Here too, cost-covering sponsorship is most welcome.
  • Every three years, we organise a seminar/congress for a specific target group, and every four to five years, we arrange a partner congress for our partners in the South. As we wish to keep participation fees affordable, especially for our colleagues from the South, sponsoring is also needed for these important congresses.
  • Is your company or organisation interested in sponsoring a specific event or activity? Please do not hesitate and contact our staff member at our External Relations & Communications desk (marc.despiegelaere[AT] – 09 235 25 17).

Sponsoring companies and organisations

Listed below you will find those companies and organisations who agreed to have their logo and name published and are presently sponsoring Protos programmes.


11.11.11 is the umbrella organisation of the Flemish North-South movement of which Protos is a member. 11.11.11 actively intervenes in the shaping of Flemish, Belgian and international sustainable development policies. Protos is an important partner in this process and receives financial aid, generated by the annual 11.11.11 campaign, for its activities in the South.


As a partner of the Flemish Partnership Water for Development, the Flemish Government contributes to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals concerning water. As part of this effort, the Environment, Nature and Energy Department co-finances a number of Protos-projects in Mali, Ecuador, Uganda and Benin and sponsored the publication of the brochure “The drinking water supply in Flanders”.


Early 2003, the Flemish intercommunal drinking water company TMVW decided to help finance the Protos drinking water programme in Ecuador’s Sierra Sur region. Since 2008, TMVW is also sponsoring a Protos project for drinking water and sanitation in the Kivu provinces and Ituri district of East-Congo. (In 2014 TMVW changed its name to Farys)

De Watergroep

De Watergroep (formerly known as The Flemish Water Supply Company - Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening) and Protos have had a partnership agreement since 2003. From 2006 to 2008, the company sponsored the Protos programme “Drinking water and sanitation in the inner delta of the Niger” in Mali. Then, in 2009, “De Watergroep” decided to support the Protos drinking water programme in Toamasina, Madagascar. With Protos as a go-between, “De Watergroep” was also able to contract a public-public partnership with JIRAMA, the public urban water supply company in Madagascar.

Antea Group

Antea Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm, serving clients ranging from national governments and local municipalities to global energy companies and manufacturers. We are active in areas such as Urban Planning, Mobility, Water, Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, Environment, Safety and Energy. Adopting a pragmatic approach, we work to meet each client’s specific needs. As a modern and conscientious consulting agency, pursuing the highest standards of quality, Antea Group also takes its social responsibilities seriously. Together with Protos, we have committed ourselves to develop and provide sustainable water management structures and tools in Uganda and Mali.


To provide drinking water, to treat waste water and to guarantee a sound water policy are major responsibilities for communities and cities. Our public administrations must ensure citizens have permanent access to these services. In order to meet these responsibilities, local governments, both here and in the South, need adequate administrative powers. As the umbrella organisation representing the local governments of Flemish cities and communities, VVSG strongly supports the partnership approach of Protos in Benin.

Bond Beter Leefmilieu

Bond Beter Leefmilieu is a federation representing more than 140 Flemish nature and environment associations. Drawing from our experiences here, BBL provides practical know-how to help Protos apply integrated water resources management in the South.

Ondernemers voor Ondernemers

Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) wants to encourage the dialogue between NGOs and private enterprise. Both have an important task in our society and yet they are often still perceived as radically opposed. Both worlds can bridge this gap through dialogue, consultation and tangible fundraising for sustainable socio-economic NGO projects.

ecobeton water technologies

Initially a simple concrete factory and today a technological company active in the concrete and water sector, Ecobeton water technologies felt an immediate affinity for Protos. The direct approach, non-nonsense style and clear and detailed description of the project won our trust and convinced us to endorse a relevant existing water project for the underprivileged in the context of our 100th anniversary.


Aquafin is responsible for financing, building and operating the domestic wastewater treatment infrastructure in Flanders. Our research department focusses on techniques to purify and recycle the recuperated wastewater for further use in applications that do not require drinking water. After all, clean water is a scarce commodity.

Nationale Loterij

For projects that pursue the UN Millennium Development Goals, the National Lottery is more than a “lucky break”. Every year, the National Lottery sets aside 1 million euro in subsidies to fulfil its principal mission of serving public welfare, making it undoubtedly Belgium’s largest Maecenas.


The theme park Hidrodoe is a project launched by the public drinking water company Pidpa to inform people of the immense value of water. Through 80 entertaining and interactive experiments and fun facts, Hidrodoe provides the general public with a mass of water-related information. A new exhibition, developed in collaboration with Protos, tells visitors of the importance of water in the world’s fight against poverty, illiteracy and disease.


In September 2008, Pidpa created “Hidroplus” to coordinate its financial efforts and support for development projects related to water resources and sanitation. A yearly budget of 50.000 euro is set aside. The first sponsored projects were announced on World Water Day 2009. Every year, Pidpa Hidroplus sponsors a number of Protos projects.

KrisKras vzw

KrisKras vzw is a non-profit youth service offering day trips, weekend trips and package holidays for young people between age 18 and 30. Respect for the host country’s culture and natural environment underpins the travel philosophy of KrisKras and travellers are broughtas much as possible into close contact with the daily lives of the local population. KrisKras sponsors and visits the Protos projects in Ecuador.

Atlas Copco

With its in-house social responsibility programme “Water for All”, Atlas Copco and its employeescontribute to increase the global access todrinking water. Atlas Copco Airpower teamed up with Protos and sponsors the drinking water access programme in the Nara and Nioro districts of Mali.

QinetiQ Space

Since 25 years, QINETIQ SPACE is the leading space company in Flanders and the only System Integrator in Belgium. Our products include small satellites, docking systems and scientific instruments for space, flying on board of Russian satellites and space stations, space shuttles, Ariane 5 and the International Space Station. For future purposes, we also develop systems that will be able to recycle water from waste streams, e.g. urine. Taking alone water on a space mission is still a very expensive matter. From this point of view we have a very high appreciation for blank water and that is why we would love to offer assistance to those on earth who still have no access to it.

KU Leuven

International cooperation and support for developing countries is a fundamental task of Flemish universities. KU Leuven and its professors contribute through their research on topics relevant to development. Sharing and transferring our water related expertise, however, is of utmost importance, as the direct interaction between water and development has been clearly proven. From a strategic point of view,our partnership with Protos is complemental whereby KU Leuven focusses on developing expertise in water technology at the local universities in the South. However, the partnership with Protos also allows for more direct contributions towards development.


VUB Department Hydrologie en Waterbouwkunde

Apart from its fundamental research, a university must also take up its social responsibility. Our Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering Department chose to share its expertise in hydrological modelling and contribute to a more sustainable water management in areas where access to water is problematic. In close collaboration with Protos, our department is specifically involved in developing a river basin management plan for the Musagabe water catchment in Burundi.

Nature Solutions

Nature Solutions assists companies that want to optimize their water policy. Over the years we have built a broad expertise on sustainable water management and infrastructure. Tailored to the needs and in function of the environmental impact we deliver studied solutions. We want to use our knowledge and experience to mitigate or prevent the impact on climate change. Therefore Nature Solutions engages with Protos for a program on water access and management in the departments of Mono and Couffo in southern Benin.

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