For each project, Protos reaches beyond the local level by creating interaction with the global level. This we call the ‘glocalisation approach’.

In anticipation of the new water act, several organizations had their voices heard © Helder Solis

Working at a local level only will not introduce true change. Involving national structures to adapt rules and regulations where necessary is equally important. Together with our partners we therefore participate actively in fora where we share our field experience. Inversely, we also see to the application of national agreements and strategies in the field. The interaction between local and global levels, or ‘glocalisation’, is an enrichment to all involved.

Through its action-research approach, Protos can freely test and assess innovative strategies and methods. Certain national and even international problems can be identified through field experience. Local authorities, for instance, often clearly lack sufficient or adequate skills to fulfil their tasks and civil society is far too little involved in organising and supervising the water and sanitation sector. Other sensitive issues revealed at a local level are the lack of respect for the principles of good governance, the inadequate models for public-private partnerships and the inability to raise local financing for the sector. Together with its local partners, Protos can develop solutions for these communities and administrations. These solutions need to be documented, publicised and shared with the sector, but also with the highest levels of governance of any nation concerned. By sharing our knowledge and experience with the academic world and the international network of the water sector, we at Protos are confident that other actors in the field will adopt and adapt our methods to the local context of their own specific projects.