Multiple-party approach

For each programme, Protos brings together all parties involved.

Various parties have a say (Ecuador) © Helder Solis

Development is not a one-man-show; many groups and levels have specific roles and functions. Protos plays a facilitatory role but adopts a neutral position in the process and brings all actors to the negotiating table to construct a truly communal project. This is what we call the multiple-party or multi-actor approach.

The interaction between all these parties is complex but essential to achieve durable results. The cast of actors fans out considerably, ranging from civil society and its consumer or farmer organisations to local authorities, decentralised government administrations, local ngo’s providing training and stimulating awareness, and the private enterprise of craftsmen and contractors. Each of these has his own view, responsibilities, interests and wishes. Reconciling these different ideas is essential to build comprehensive support for any development plan and all parties must be allowed a voice in the execution and management of the infrastructure works.

With this approach, Protos encourages local responsibility, transparency and cooperation, prerequisites for local democracy and good governance. In this way, Protos also contributes to the institutionalisation and emancipation of civil society in developing countries.