Hardware in election time

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UGANDA - Being election time, the implementation of some of the activities on the ground, especially when they required the participation of local government, became also for Protos and its partners more ‘tricky’ than usual. However most of our hardware activities on the ground in our three model sites could continue.

At Kayinja landing site:

  • community members contributed for the first time in cash for the construction of their own household ecosan. When the 11 “Flower-toilet”-owners were given certificates of ownership, feedback on the design was collected as part of the action research process in order to be able to create an improved design for the next batch
  • the construction of the public ecosan reached a final stage of completion: the compliments, even from neighbouring communities, are overwhelming
  • meanwhile the renovation of the existing male wing and the construction of a female wing for the public ecosan in Mahyoro Landing site have just started

At Karambi wetland:

  • a  hand wash facility was added to the brand new ecosan toilets in Nyakahama Primary school
  • beneficiaries started fetching water from the 2 manually drilled wells

At Mpanga Falls:

  • 20 heavy pillars to demarcate the 100 m protection zone along side the river Mpanga (to protect the cycads) were manually installed in very inhospitable areas in Kanara sub county

In the beginning of February we also welcomed Koen Sneyers from the Belgian ngo Îles de Paix (IdP). In the coming months, Koen will be exploring the potential of the region for a new agricultural development program. It is already clear that IdP is very keen on finding a synergy with Protos in the areas of IWRM and sustainable land management. We are happy to share our office space in Fort Portal and our experiences in the region with him.


Article: Hannelore Martens

© Hannelore Martens