Kitchen garden at Protos office in Fort Portal

© Hannelore Martens

UGANDA - As part of our program in both our model sites Karambi (wetland) and Kayinja (landing site) Protos, together with Jese, is promoting kitchen gardens at household level. The technology allows people to grow a variety of vegetables close to the house and throughout the year (not dependant on rainfall). Only a very small piece of land and a limited amount of water is needed thanks to the build-up and the idea of using domestic waste-water.

In the philosophy “how can you promote something if you don’t practice it yourself”, we took up the idea to construct a kitchen garden ourselves at the office in Fort Portal.

While planning for it, we saw the involvement of both Asiimwe, the concierge who lives with his family on the compound of the Protos office, and Gladys, our lovely cook and cleaning lady who also welcomes the visitors, indispensable for the sustainability of the kitchen garden. Therefore we organized a hands-on training for them, facilitated by Moreen, a passionated small scale farmer from around who has a lot of experience in kitchen gardening.

After having gone through different possible ways how to construct a kitchen garden, including considering planting sacks, we decided to follow the instructions in this video, but using available materials. For the construction works, we used left-over bricks from the construction of the ecosan in the garden, some big stones and a left-over piece of mabati. To make the soil more fertile we used the droppings from Asiimwes goats and chicken, cow dung from the neighbour and ash from the kitchen.
After having prepared the soil and having planted the seeds and seedlings, it is now a matter of properly maintaining the kitchen garden and making sure the heavy rains and strong sunshine do not destroy the vegetables and spices. We’re already looking forward to harvest our dodo, beetroot, lettuce, green pepper, spinach, carrots, zucchini, spices and strawberries!


  • Article: Hannelore Martens