A new look for Protos!

Protos adopted a new look. We have a new logo, a spruced up house style and a new user-friendly website.

Our friends at the communications agency Canada in Ghent (Belgium) volunteered to develop the new logo and house style, free of charge. Instant recognition was our prime concern in choosing a timeless and simple logo. Of course, our choice was hardly accidental… The subtle wave in the logo’s lines represents ‘water’ and the colours speak for themselves: blue for water, brown for agriculture, green for sustainability. The equal sign formed by the parallel lines refers to human rights, in particular the human right to water and sanitation.

‘It all begins with water’ is henceforth our motto, for our vision has remained unchanged… Access to drinking water and proper sanitation is essential to disease prevention and paves the road to prosperity. It creates more time for education, work and family and is vital to support food and industrial production. For Protos, water remains the crucial lever for (local) development.

Developing a new logo and house style also presented an ideal opportunity to refurbish the website we started eight years ago. We are confident that our new website will reach more people and inform them better. So surf away! Spotted a small mistake? Be sure to let us know at info [at] protosh2o [dot] org.