2015-2018 (DR Congo) SAGE


Sage: Managing the drinking water systems © Lieven Peeters

The ultimate aim is to improve the health of the population of the District of Ituri in Orientale province, through:

  • an increase in the number of people with sustainable access to potable water;
  • the establishment of an overarching intercommunity management structure for 13 existing drinking water committees, grown from the local society, so that they can manage properly their drinking water system.
Target Groups
  • all members of the  13 drinking water committees
  • the water sector in Orientale province.

Direct beneficiairies:

  • 500.000 water users in the District of Ituri

Indirect beneficiairies:

  • the population of Ituri.
Funding / budget / duration


  • European Union
  • De Watergroep and the Flemish Administration via VPWvO


  • De Watergroep


  • 36 months


  • 879.433 EUR
Activities & results


  1. an analysis of the drinking water is carried out which is the basis for a management plan for the water sector;
  2. a supporting overarching structure is set up to ensure the autonomy and sustainability of drinking water management; This structure is created with participation and inclusion of all groups in society;
  3. this supporting structure strengthens and supports the drinking water committees;
  4. this supporting structure assists in drafting and approval of a sector plan 'drinking water for Ituri.


  • establish a steering committee for the project
  • carry out an analysis of the water sector
  • organize consultation meetings with water users
  • meetings with local and provincial governments and other stakeholders in the water sector
  • workshops on water management
  • establishment of a supporting structure
  • establish formal aspects, tasks and work plan for this structure
  • organize training for the drinking water committees (technical, financial)
  • education in and monitoring of financial management, for the purpose of repairs / maintenance of the infrastructure
  • identify and disclose the method and approach of CIDRI in the water sector
  • disclose the process of involving civil society in the drinking water management at a local and (inter-)national level
  • support the public sector, in the process of creating a water legislation
  • restore and expand existing water infrastructure

CIDRI - Centre d’Initiatives de Développement Rural en Ituri (Center of initiatives for rural development in Ituri). CIDRI is a leading organisation in the district Ituri concerning drinking water supplies. The partnership with Protos exists since 1982.


Would you like to support this program? Please contact Harald van der Hoek, thematic and geographic adviser for DR Congo: harald [dot] vanderhoek [at] protos [dot] ngo