Oeganda Trainingmarathon bij het DWRM (Ministerie voor Water en Milieu)

In totaal werd gedurende 10 dagen opleiding gegeven, aan maar liefst 116 medewerkers uit alle niveaus van het DWRM: topmanagement, middenmanagement en de verschillende ondersteunende diensten.

Oeganda Protos versterkt Oegandese overheidsdienst voor water

Het ministerie heeft een enorm vertrouwen in Protos, en daar we zijn we bijzonder fier op!

Uganda Rwenzori Regional Learning Forum on raising community financing for sustainable WASH services

This month, the Rwenzori Regional Learning Forum will focus on raising community financing for sustainable WASH services in the Rwenzori region.

2017-2021 (Uganda) IWRM in 2 river catchments

This programme is based on the current activities in existing and new locations within the Mpanga Catchment in Western Uganda and an upscale of similar interventions in new areas within the Northern part of Lake Albert Catchment.

Uganda Action Research Uganda

In Uganda, Protos and its local partners developed a participatory monitoring & planning tool for adaptation to climate and environmental change, resulting in an introductory brochure, an extensive manual for facilitators, and a short documentary.

Uganda RAM-pump at Mpanga Falls to protect cycads

A win for people, a win for cows and a huge win for cycads!

Uganda Succesful exchange on IWRM and Action Research

“The program was well balanced, to the point and deliciously intensive.” (Stefan Van Damme, professor IWRM, University of Antwerp)

Uganda Kitchen garden at Protos office in Fort Portal

In the philosophy “how can you promote something if you don’t practice it yourself”, we took up the idea to construct a kitchen garden ourselves at the office in Fort Portal.

Uganda Hardware in election time

Despite election time, most of our hardware activities on the ground in our three model sites could continue.