With his partner CIDRI Protos has built many drinking water systems in Ituri; today Protos focusses on an improved and sustainable management.
Protos focuses on sustainability of the infrastructure and on behavioural change in hygiene.
The programme is situated in 6 municipalities in the region of Mono-Couffo: Dogbo, Athiémé, Lokossa, Bopa, Lalo and Toviklin. Possibly the programme will be expanded to other departments.
Improving food security in the districts Nioro du Sahel and Nara - component: access to drinking water.
Access to and management of water and sanitation in the Antanifotsy district
Access to basic sanitation in Town I and IV in Bamako
Food security for the vulnerable population is the ultimate objective of this programme.
From 2017 till 2021 Protos will develop activities in 2 Provinces in the west of Burundi: Bubanza and Bujumbura rural.
This programme is based on the current activities in existing and new locations within the Mpanga Catchment in Western Uganda and an upscale of similar interventions in new areas within the Northern part of Lake Albert Catchment.
Access to drinking water, sanitation and/or water for agriculture; the management of infrastructure and the protection of sources and river basins are key elements in this programme.
We focus on the consolidation of the acquired expertise since we started our operations in Madagascar in 2006.
For Protos and Protos EC/Ecuador a new collaboration starts. By the end of 2019 Protos EC should be ready to continue autonomously the Protos activities in Ecuador.
2.2 million people live in the district of Bamako, Mali's capital. 98.5% of them uses an autonomous sanitation. This generates about 550m³ of faecal sludge per day.
Dogbo, Sanimarché
Innovatief project rond water en sanitaire voorzieningen in randstedelijk gebied van Dogbo, Athiémé, Lokossa, Dassa et Savalou.