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Faecal Sludge Management in Toamasina, Madagascar and Bamako, Mali

2018 - Protos - English - 12 p.

For many years Protos has been working with local authorities, strategic partner organisations and communities in developing countries to end open air defecation while promoting basic sanitation. As a result, many households use latrines. In urban areas this resulted in a new challenge, because while latrine pits fill up, emptying services are non-existent or poorly organised.
This article is about Protos’ experiences with faecal sludge management in Toamasina, Madagascar, and in Bamako, Mali.


Ecological water quality assessment of the Mpanga catchment, Western Uganda

2016 - Protos e.a. - English - 37 p.

The present study was conducted to support management activities in the Mpanga catchment by providing an overview on the current ecological quality state of streams and rivers within the catchment. Good ecological quality is needed to maintain the integrity of a river system and depends on the preservation of natural (chemical and biological) conditions of the water and the surrounding environment. To assess the ecological state of the Mpanga, chemical, biological and hydromorphological data were collected in the streams within its catchment area.

The study area includes the Mpanga’s headwaters at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, the urbanised area of Fort Portal, the tea estates area downstream of Fort Portal and the downstream area in Kamwenge district until shortly before the joint of Mpanga with Lake George. Knowledge on potential human pressures and impacts on the Mpanga river ecosystem allowed to set up a monitoring map including key locations where these pressures can be assessed.

Betere sanitatie en hygiëne voor iedereen

Betere sanitatie en hygiëne voor iedereen

12 p.
Toegang tot sanitaire voorzieningen en hygiëne: hoe is de situatie wereldwijd? Een update op basis van het meest recente rapport JMP 2017 van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie en Unicef.

Water in landen op weg naar ontwikkeling

Water in landen op weg naar ontwikkeling

10 p.
Toegang tot veilig drinkwater: hoe is de situatie wereldwijd. Een update op basis van het meest recente rapport JMP 2017 van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie en Unicef.

Yakuñan - Participación y gestión concertada de microcuencas

2010 - Protos/Cedir/Sendas - Español - 102 p.

Manual para la Administración de Sistemas de agua potable

2009 - Symae/CTB/CEFODI/Protos - Español - 51 p.