This sourcebook presents advice, perspectives and case studies about advocacy for safe freshwater and sanitation. The book first looks at why people should take up advocacy for freshwater and sanitation and provides an advocacy planning framework. It is then organised in three parts, distinguishing between advocacy issues at local, national and international levels, respectively. These are different levels of jurisdiction, reflecting the extent to which water systems exist within, or cross, community or state boundaries. Some issues like groundwater extraction permits, development of irrigation infrastructure and deciding whether a city's water utilities are run publicly or privately are nominally decided at the local/district level. Other issues like the management of big watersheds and enactment of water laws (including accession to international treaties) and budgets - are nominally decided at the national level. Yet other issues - interventions in interstate rivers, and mitigation of climate change that increases rainfall where there is already enough rain and reduces rainfall where there is already too little - must be addressed at the international level.

Pahle S., Kebreab G. redactie
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Water in de wereld - pr en advocacy