Chapter 1 sets the scene for dealing with governance in sectors, explaining why governance is crucial for sustainable sector development and how the concept is applied by the EC. Chapter 2 tries to capture the essence of the EC's experience so far in dealing with governance at sector level. It identifies some of the main challenges for future EC sector support strategies. The three remaining chapters build on this agenda. Chapter 3 sets out where to start and what to aim for in order to address governance better and thereby enhance the quality and impact of EC support strategies at sector level. This includes the adoption of a realistic and incremental governance approach. Chapter 4 then examines the ways and means to organize the process of analyzing governance at sector level and offers a basic model, as well as a set of practical steps to carry out such an analysis. Chapter 5 focuses on how to cross the bridge from analysis to action. It proposes a set of operational guidelines and possible actions to support govern ance improvements in the various sectors.

Boesen Nils
Office for Official Publications of the European CommunitiesLuxemburg LU
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