This Basic Construction Training Manual for Trainers is tailor made for the specific capacity building / training needs of SEWA for the earthquake reconstruction programme that is, financed by the Swiss Solidarity Fond and implemented in partnership with Swiss Red Cross and technically coached by Skat_consulting. This manual is specifically focussing on the practical implementation level and provides a wide range of essential information as well as dos and don'ts for trainers to communicate to masons and supervisors during theoretical and on the job trainings. It also contains photos and sketches / drawings that add clarity to the context. These photos and sketches have been collected from various reference sources and are therefore, not of uniform character in its present form. This manual is divided into five separate modules. Module one explains the overall and essential parts of a building. Module two provides information about the quality benchmark and testing methods of building materials that are most commonly used in housing construction in Gujarat. Module three describes the skilled working principles for; Mortar, Concreting, Brick masonry, Stone masonry, Curing, Plastering and Flooring. Module four describes essential working safety measures to avoid occupational accidents. And finally, Module five provides a list of literature where useful information regarding earthquake save house designing and construction principles are described.

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